Saturday, June 24, 2017

Nosey the Elephant Fri.06.23.17

Nosey the Elephant

Friday, June 23, 2017

North Webster, Indiana

72nd Mermaid Festival

We met, fed, and rode Nosey the Elephant.  Nosey is a 33 year old
healthy, and well cared for female African elephant.
Mr. Liebel purchased her when she was 3.  Mr. and Mrs. Liebel
graciously gave us their time explaining their issues with
protesters and of their love for Nosey.  We asked
if there was anything we could do for errands
clean up...anything that they didn't have time to do for themselves.
Mr. Liebel said that they were fine.  One of the protesters
had a lime green sign with the message..."...elephants are
pack animals..."...well...elephants are NOT pack animals Dear.  
Wolves are pack animals.  Elephants travel in herds.  
Get your facts straight.  One of the protesters mentioned
Nosey having arthritis and that she herself had arthritis.  I looked at 
her and said to her "ok...and you're ugly too".  Long pause from her.
We wished the Liebel's well and hurried home.  Laundry to do.

ALL IMAGES: ©Randy V Jackson Photography 2017

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  1. Good luck to my friend Tommy Liebel and Nosey. Malcolm the frog man