Monday, September 8, 2014

Carmel, IN - Shelley Lubben - Sun-09.07.14

Sunday 09.07.2014

Carmel, Indiana

Dr. Shelley Lubben, Th. D.

Shelley Lubben website


Living Truth Ministries website

Carmel, Indiana
Seward Johnson Sculptures

Seward Johnson website

Shelley, a former porn actress, 
and founder of the Pink Cross Foundation, 
is now a committed Christian and Anti-Porn Activist.
She spoke at Living Truth Ministries in Carmel, Indiana.  
She is devoted to
bringing down the porn industry
 and passionate about her work.

Randy V Jackson Photography website

Sights around downtown Carmel along
with some of Carmel's collection of
Seward Johnson's sculptures.

Smallest art gallery in the world...according to Guinness...