Sunday, October 12, 2014

ArtPrize 2014 Last Day - Sun - 10.12.14

ArtPrize 2014
Last Day

Sunday 10.12.2014

Grand Rapids, Michigan

3 Square Mile area in downtown 
Grand Rapids

Randy V Jackson Photography website

Randy V Jackson Photography website

My image for this year's ArtPrize:
"American Woman / Stars and Stripes"

Created for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Fighting the fight for all women around
the world the AMERICAN WOMAN stands
proud, front and center.

Created for
Breast Cancer Awareness,
stand before the American flag holding her breast
paused to show respect to the flag.

Showing the stars in the flag, and in the tattoo on her back
along with the stars in the pink bra,
the Stars and Stripes
shine for America.

Tagged on the rear of her pants the label reads:
"FRAGLE Handle With Care"
so true.

Installed at:

55 Monroe Center Street NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

VOTE # 57324


Kaitlin Brewer

Hot glue on window


Marc Sijan

Resin and oil paint


Anila Quayyum Aqha

Laser-cut (CnC) wood w/light

Grand Rapids Art Museum ( GRAM )

Grand Winner

Fred...I believe Fred should have won 
something...his talent and craft were overlooked.
His piece was a woodcarving.  One solid
block of wood.  And the detail was amazing.  
Photography doesn't do it justice.

West Coast Coffee


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wassenberg Photo Show Sat - 10.04.14

Wassenberg Art Center

Wassenberg Photography Exhibit

Van Wert, Ohio

Saturday 10.04.2041

Randy V Jackson Photography website

I entered the category "Photojournalism / Sports"
Took 2nd place for "Photojournalism" 
I'm ok with that.

"Tony Mitchell"